Images by Lori Cicchini / Models Jo Cochrane, Amy-Leigh Knight

Images by Lori Cicchini / Models Jo Cochrane, Amy-Leigh Knight

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The Rise of King Neptune

When the worlds of international award winning and published photographer, Lori Cicchini, collided with PAPEL (PAPER).

In a sequence of extraordinary images captured by international award winning and published photographer, Lori Cicchini, one might not realise at first that the wearables on the Gods of the Sea, King Neptune and Salacia, are paper. Handmade paper.

PAPEL (PAPER) obsessively sculpted and folded handmade paper for approximately 50 hours to create a body of paper wearables, featuring paper seaweed that enveloped the bodies, a bodice, necklace, two headpieces for the Goddess and a Roman warrior –like helmet and trident for the King.

The Goddess Salacia had two distinct wearables created.

The first, a bodice, made of a spiral fabric-like Japanese washi paper, which is light as a feather and yet the tissue weight paper is strong, soft and luxurious.

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Wedding of Neptune & Salacia.jpg

The Story of Neptune

The history of Neptune paints the God as a turbulent soul, very fitting with his domain of the ocean waters and earthquakes.

He has good reason to be somewhat ill-tempered. His father Saturn ate him whole along with his siblings (Jupiter & Pluto). It was in the Great War of the giants that Neptune overthrew his father and became ruler of the sea.

Salacia a Goddess of the sea captivated the love struck Neptune. But it took Delphinus, the dolphin king sent by Neptune to persuade the Goddess to marry Neptune. The dolphin king explained that her steadiness would balance the volatile nature of Neptune bringing harmony in the sea for all.

The Goddess agreed.

Ali Swanston founder of Gypsygirl Beauty created two looks, referencing Sandro Botticelli in her makeup artistry. Creating an innocent look for the first sighting of Salacia and conjuring a gold Goddess look for the union with Neptune.

Kate Leggatt, life-rebel and director of Sass Hair Dezign, worked tirelessly with meters of hand braided hair to sculpt and style the Goddess’ hair.

Introducing the ethereal Amy-Leigh Knight as Goddess Salacia. And Jo Cochrane, title holder of NABBA Ms Physique '18 and the WFF Figure Extreme '18, as King Neptune.  


Somewhere on the outskirts of the land of W some magnificent makers came together for an enchanting afternoon.

The extraordinary collaborators are:

Paper Sponsor: KAMI Paper

Images: Jack of Hearts Studio

Moving images: Elk Avenue Creative

Couture makeup: Kate's Face and Body Art

Couture Gowns: Classic Couture Vintage and Bridal

Merino Wool: Ohh Bull Dust!

Cello Riot!

Allegro Ballet School

Models: Jenny Tovar / Sam Longmore / Savanna Hagenbach / IndiaHagenbach / Laia Donaldson / Clare Brassil