In the abyss of love covered in handmade paper

In a sequence of extraordinary images captured by international award winning and published photographer, Lori Cicchini, one might not realise at first that the wearables on the Gods of the Sea, King Neptune and Salacia, are paper. Handmade paper.

PAPEL (PAPER) obsessively sculpted and folded handmade paper for approximately 50 hours to create a body of paper wearables, featuring paper seaweed that enveloped the bodies, a bodice, necklace, two headpieces for the Goddess and a Roman warrior –like helmet and trident for the King.

The Goddess Salacia had two distinct wearables created.

The first, a bodice, made of a spiral fabric-like Japanese washi paper, which is light as a feather and yet the tissue weight paper is strong, soft and luxurious.

Caroline Candusso, la mamá and creative director of PAPEL (PAPER), worked with the paper constructing basic origami folds and then hand cut the paper achieving a sculptural feel,

the beauty is in the paper, it has a scroll-like design, reminding me of seashells a perfect find in the sea. It was about enhancing the beauty of the paper without complicating it”. She said.

The bodice has a matching headpiece. At the time Salacia was dancing with her sisters on the Island of Naxos in the Aegean Sea. This was the moment that King Neptune first saw her and fell in love with her.

The second wearable created for the Goddess was to celebrate the union of the two Gods.

Milano Marble Thai paper was fashioned into a decadent necklace with matching headpiece. King Neptune’s warrior helmet was created with Thai paper, sculpted into golden leaves.

Neptune’s trident was folded and wrapped with the Milano Marble Thai paper linked with the paper used for the union with the Goddess.

The paper seaweed that enveloped the Gods bodies were created with Nepalese paper. Each leaf created individually by hand. Each leaf is original just as you would find it in nature, no two ever the same.

This is the joy of working with fine and handmade paper for PAPEL (PAPER). In a society where things are made fast or instantaneous, the beauty of handmade has been put aside. This is a passionate mission for PAPEL (PAPER), to explain that the paper medium is extraordinary to work with. What can be created or dreamed up with paper is limitless. Artisan paper is sublime to work with and then to add the art of origami (paper folding) is a friendship made in the abyss of the sea that extends to our solar system.