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We have had an amazing week in our marvellous paper adventure!

Mia Freedman and the ladies from Lady Startup kindly featured us in their latest newsletter which you can read below.

Mia Freedman wrote:

I have mixed feelings about what this Lady Startup duo has created.

Don't get me wrong, I think Caroline and her son Agustin have created something very special with their business PAPEL (PAPER), and yes I am hugely impressed by people who master any skill, let alone an art form like Origami. I have mixed feelings because as a mum who is a habitual and pathological 'embarrassment' to my kids, I fear I may have discounted myself from this Mother-son business duo scenario forever.

I met Caroline during a recent trip to Wagga Wagga and I was lucky enough to see firsthand what she and her son create (see below, as modeled by yours truly) and to also hear enough of their story that I had to know more.

Have a read and you'll understand where my feeling concoction of amazement and crazed envy stems from.

Caroline noticed her son Agustin showed a particular gift for folding tissue (but not in that typical way that all parents of two year olds think their kid is a gifted artist, sorry) with this eventually leading to him learning and mastering Origami. When he was six, Agustin (with the help of business partner/mother Caroline) launched Papel (Paper), a business that created custom and wearable pieces out of folder paper, and, in order to keep up with the orders that were coming in, Agustin taught his mother how to fold.

I know what you're thinking... I didn't know they made children like Agustin either.

He is now nine years old, and together with his mother, has not only become a crowd favourite at markets, but has created these wearable pieces of art for the likes of Melbourne Fashion Week, and Kate Miller-Hiedke, who posted the below photo this week, and all seem to love what he and his mother are doing. You can check out more of their work and their story here.

I know envy is an ugly thing, but we're all friends here so I'm not afraid to admit that I had those familiar pulls of 'and why didn't I think to kick start my first business when I was nine??'

But, then the grown up me takes back the reigns and I'm really just left looking at this young person who isn't weighed down by what we as adults have learned to fear as we got older. There's no concept of 'how do I even start this?' or 'what if I fail?' and now there is this business, and this thing with heart.

Sure, it's made me question how I might have failed my kids, but I'm also just quietly amazed at what this young person has created, and what he has shared and built with his mum.

I'm not crying.

Mia xxx

Mia Freedman

Mia Freedman

Jessica Hitchcock and Kate Miller-Heidke

Jessica Hitchcock and Kate Miller-Heidke

PAPEL (PAPER), The boy and la mamá.

PAPEL (PAPER), The boy and la mamá.

Caroline Candusso