Mamá! the paper is handmade and then we hand fold it, it’s magnificent!
— Said The Boy

About The Boy

Once upon a time in the land of W there was a two-year old boy who folded tissues. He continued to create - fold after fold, year after year, until a coloured piece of paper floated down from the sky landing by his six-year old feet. He took the colourful paper and began to fold and fold, and into the fold and out of the fold emerged PAPEL (PAPER)– origami.

All that folding = object art, all by hand.

About La Mamá

CAROLINE CANDUSSO, la mamá and Creative Director of PAPEL (PAPER).

 The introduction of paper and the art of origami to the mother and son duo was in so many ways a lifeline for the family. The origami was a way for the boy to channel his anxiety resulting in an explosion of paper art objects.

 Caroline recognised very early on that the boy was what she described marvellously complex, so when he asked her to start a business at the age of six, she said ‘Yes” and this lead the pair down the rabbit-hole and into a wonderland of paper.




100% Handmade

PAPEL (PAPER) primarily work with fine and handmade paper from all over the world.

They take artisan papers and hand fold the sheets to create one-of-a-kind object art. The ultimate collision in artisan making.

This dynamic paper duo is the ultimate partnership. The boy is somewhat like Anna Wintour (Vogue Editor) and Caroline, his mamá, is somewhat like Grace Coddington (Creative Director).