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Image @jack_of_hearts_studio

Image @jack_of_hearts_studio

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The Boy and his Mamá

Once upon a time in the land of W there was a two-year old boy who folded tissues. He continued to create - fold after fold, year after year, until a coloured piece of paper floated down from the sky landing by his six-year old feet. He took the colourful paper and began to fold and fold, and into the fold and out of the fold emerged PAPEL (PAPER)– origami.

All that folding = Object Art all made by hand.

PAPEL (PAPER) is about taking one little boy and his mamá’s love of paper and folding to craft something new –something spectacular… something that sparks wonder and amazement.

We can fold something for any occasion. No two pieces are ever the same because every fold is unique… folded with love just for you.


"PAPEL" means PAPER in Spanish. The name is a nod to our Latin American roots.

We predominantly work with fine and handmade paper. We also collaborate with graphic designers and printers when creating branded installations for corporate events.

The Boy has been folding since the age of two. At six-years of age he asked to start a business. La mamá has evolved from apprentice to business partner. This dynamic paper duo have the ultimate partnership.

The Boy is somewhat like Anna Wintour (Vogue Editor) and his mamá is somewhat like Grace Coddington (Creative Director).