Papel (Paper)

Origami made by a boy and his mamá.

Once upon a time in the land of W there was a two year old boy who folded tissues. He continued to create  fold after fold, year after year, until a coloured piece of paper floated down from the sky landing by his six year old feet. He took the colourful paper and began to fold and fold, and into the fold and out of the fold emerged Papel (paper) – origami.

All that folding = artisan flowers (tulip / lotus), whales, cranes, swans, tiger puppets and butterflies all made by hand.

Papel (paper) is about taking the love of paper and folding it into something new.

We can fold something unique for any occasion.
Each origami piece is unique* and we can customize an order to suit your needs.

*please note that printed paper are generally one-off sheets.